Punta Tombo and Other Patagonian Penguin Colonies

punta tombo

While the sparse, inhospitable terrain of Patagonia may not seem like the most obvious habitat for wildlife, the region surprises with its breadth of marine animals. Punta Tombo is the most famous of all penguin colonies in Patagonia, but lesser-visited breeding sites – many of which are located far from human settlement and are only accessible […]

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Patagonia Hiking Trips Beyond Torres del Paine National Park

patagonia hiking trips

While it’s fair to say that Torres del Paine National Park receives all the attention in trekking circuits, Patagonia is actually traversed by hundreds of miles of hiking trails – many of which are even wilder than the region’s more famous paths. So if you’re looking into Patagonia hiking trips that pass through spectacular landscapes […]

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Tips for Planning Memorable Holidays for Single Parent Families

holidays for single parent families

Going on holiday with your children as a single parent can sometimes feel like a daunting prospect. With no one to share responsibility for childcare, it’s easy to worry that you’ll return home feeling more in need of a vacation than when you set out. But as demand for holidays for single parent families has […]

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Sail to the Seventh Continent on an Antarctic Cruise

antartic cruise

What is it that feeds our fascination with Antarctica? Perhaps it dates from the heroic adventures of those who first sought to “conquer” these inhospitable lands, such as Ernest Shackleton and Roald Amundsen. Or maybe its the possibilities offered up by this vast, uninhabited continent of encountering slumbering leopard seals and chattering emperor penguin colonies or even spending a […]

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When’s the Best Time to Visit Chile?

best time to visit chile

The best time to visit Chile is generally determined by the weather, particularly as the southern parts are known for high levels of rainfall and cold temperatures. But given that Chile covers every climate type in the world except tropical, you’re guaranteed to identify the perfect season for timing your visit.

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8 Spectacular Places in Patagonia You’ll Never Believe Exist

Superlatives don’t do Patagonia justice: if you want to understand quite how spectacular this region is, you’ve no choice but to visit yourself. Now a firm bucket-list favorite, Patagonia is a part of South America characterized by mysterious stretches of wilderness and barely-discovered glaciers. This land of grasslands, mountains and ice is home to a […]

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Luxury Adventure Destinations for Your Argentina Honeymoon Itinerary

argentina honeymoon

Honeymooners looking for adventure and luxury will find their perfect match in the spectacular scenery and wild landscapes of Argentina. While Buenos Aires, the romantic “Paris of South America”, might seem the most obvious choice for an Argentina honeymoon, exploring beyond this sprawling capital is guaranteed to set your heart ablaze. Ample adventure activities and […]

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Iceland Clothing to Help You Survive the Chilly Climate

iceland clothing

Iceland – as its name suggests – has its fair share of cold, bleak days. As a rule of thumb, temperatures can drop to the exceptionally chilly −22 °F (−30 °C) in the highlands – albeit during very extreme periods of cold weather. If you’re visiting in winter, expect temperatures around the country to hover […]

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Picking the Prime Season: Discover the Best Time to Visit Patagonia

best time to visit patagonia

Patagonia has a reputation for harboring extreme, variable weather systems – fittingly matching the dramatic and evocative scenery of the region. It’s difficult to give a definitive answer to the question, when is the best time to visit Patagonia, particularly given the vastness of the area and its range of climates. However, certain conditions can be […]

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From Penguins to Pumas: 5 Chile Animals to Spot on Your Next Trip

chile animals

Thanks to its varied ecosystems and generous portfolio of national parks and protected areas, Chile lays claim to an abundant selection of native animals. For wildlife fanatics, a wealth of marine animals and thriving bird and mammal populations await. Here are the five most magnificent Chile animals to look out for on your next trip.

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