Alberto de Agostini National Park and the End of the Andes

Alberto de Agostini National Park

A little-known protected area in the very south of Chile, the Alberto de Agostini National Park is the third largest in the whole country, covering an area of 5,637-sq. miles (14,600-sq. km). It takes its name from the Italian priest of the Salesians of Don Bosco order, Father Alberto María de Agostini, who drew up […]

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Ojos Del Salado: The World’s Highest Volcano

ojos del salado

Ojos del Salado, which is located on the Chilean/Argentine border, has one substantial claim to fame. The highest active volcano in the world, it towers over the altiplano at a breath-taking 22,615 ft. (6,893m). It’s also the second highest mountain in the southern hemisphere, falling just short of nearby Aconcagua’s stately 22, 838 ft. (6,961m) above sea […]

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Alaska Holidays in Unforgettable Glacier Bay National Park

Alaska holidays

Glacier Bay National Park is the location of an incredible feat of natural engineering and a prime area of scientific study. Its uniqueness is due to the fact that over only a short period of 200 years, what was once a complete sheet of glacial ice, retreated – uncovering the dormant land and waters beneath. […]

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4 Reasons Why Patagonia Should Be On Your Bucket List

Patagonia bucket list

Thanks to a Portuguese sailor’s description of the native Tehuelche people as “Patagones” or people with “big feet”, Patagonia has since been known as the land of the giants. Quite fittingly, this remote southern region symbolizes everything on a superlative scale and is famous as the land of mountains of giant proportions and landscapes so […]

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Go Gaucho on an Argentina Vacation

argentina vacation

A captivating symbol of Argentina, its countryside and its people, the traditional gaucho lifestyle remains a central tenant of rural life in many parts of the country. Visitors travelling here as part of an Argentina vacation will often pass through small towns and remote estancias (ranches) that continue to showcase this compelling way of life.

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What Makes Chile Holidays So Adventurous?

Chile holidays

Within moments of arriving in Chile, it becomes clear why it was awarded the prestigious title of “South America’s Leading Adventure Tourism Destination” in the 2016 World Travel Awards. The mountain fringe that overlooks Santiago – otherwise known as the Andes Mountains – is a quick hint at how Chile holidays are synonymous with adventure. 

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Discount Travel Tips for Traversing Patagonia

discount travel

Although one of the most expensive regions to explore in South America, discount travel in Patagonia is possible for those hoping to encounter this land of fire, ice and water.

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The Icy Secrets of Matanuska Glacier Park

Located at Mile 102, a two-hours’ drive north east of Anchorage in Alaska, is Matanuska Glacier Park. Described as one of Alaska’s most accessible glaciers, Matanuska Glacier is the largest in the whole of the US that can be reached by vehicle.

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7 Things You Learn on a Trip to Argentina

Whether exploring the windswept pampas plains and sky-piercing peaks of Argentine Patagonia or learning to tango and dine late into the night on the sultry streets of Buenos Aires, traveling in Argentina overwhelms all of the senses – and leaves you immediately booking your next visit.

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Chilean Vacation Packages to Santiago

chilean vacation packages

Cosmopolitan, dynamic, and deserving of more than a short layover, Santiago is growing in status as a must-see in South America. A metropolitan city that has sometimes been unfairly overlooked in favor of other South American capitals, Santiago’s vibrant fine dining scene, access to vineyards, and status as a winter sports destination make it a […]

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