9 Astonishing Things You Never Knew About Patagonia

patagonia facts

Patagonia is unique and incomparable with anywhere else in South America – or perhaps even on the planet. But whatever you might have seen or heard about this land of astounding history and breathtakingly beautiful natural landmarks, allow us to introduce you to some of the astonishing fun facts about Patagonia.

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Where is the Beagle Channel?

beagle channel

Have you ever heard of the Beagle Channel? In this article, you will learn all about this fascinating waterway, its unique features, and historical facts. The Beagle Channel is located at the end of the world, more precisely at South America’s southern tip, and connects the Atlantic and the Pacific. It thus connects two oceans. The waterway was named […]

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Where to observe the most beautiful Chilean landscapes?

chilean landscape

Chile is a vast territory, and the variety of landscapes and climates is one of its great riches. The most beautiful Chilean landscapes extend from the extreme north to the southern tip of the country. Between the aridity of the Atacama Desert and the sublime and icy region of Patagonia, not forgetting Valparaiso and Easter Island, discover the places […]

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Interesting facts about the Andes mountains

andes mountains facts

Would you like to know more about the fascinating Andes mountains? Then you are at the right place because in this article you will learn everything about this impressive mountain range that winds through South America from north to south. The Andes are famous for their varied landscape and are among the most extended mountain […]

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Journey to the end of the world

patagonia trip

The film “Journey to the End of the World” is a documentary directed in the 1970s by Jacques-Yves Cousteau, Philippe Cousteau, and Marshall Flaum. The theme makes one dream: we follow the explorers for 4 months during a trip to Antarctica. Nowadays, it is much easier to get to the frozen continent, and tourism is […]

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Pampas fox – the wild dog of the pampas

pampas fox

Do you know where the pampas fox lives? As the name suggests, he lives in the pampas. But where exactly? In South America! This little fox roams the Steppe’s plains in Argentina, but it spreads even to the east of Bolivia, the west of Paraguay, and a part of south-east Brazil. In this article, you […]

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An extensive travel blog on Patagonia

patagonia travel blog

Should you plan to discover the south of Argentina and Chile, you can, of course, consult documentary sites in this area. You’ll get lots of factual information about recommended tours or the most enjoyable times of the year to visit. But also consider visiting travel blogs for different kinds of opinions. On a travel blog, articles […]

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Group travel South America – a good idea!

group travel south america

South America is becoming a more and more popular travel destination. It is up to you whether you enjoy a round trip over the whole continent for several months or limit yourself to one or two countries. A South America tour is definitely a good idea. However, many people often ask themselves: what is the best way […]

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Iguazu National Park, a sea of greenery in Northern Argentina

iguazu national park

In northeastern Argentina, the Iguazu National Park covers more than 68,000 hectares. For tourists who visit Argentina in the Iguazu area, the main point of interest is the huge waterfalls. The natural park around the waterfalls is also worth a visit. In this exceptional space, you will have the chance to discover a preserved biodiversity and evolve in […]

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When is the best time to visit Chile?

best time to visit chile

Chile is considered one of the most popular travel destinations in the last five to ten years and even made it into Lonely Planet’s top 10 destinations. If you are wondering why, it is due to its great diversity of landscapes, climates, and destinations across the country. But when is the best time to visit […]

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