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Chiloe Penguins: A Unique Encounter with Nature

Chiloe Pinguins
5 minutos

The southern coast of the Chiloe Island is the only place in the world so far where the Humboldt and the Magellanic penguins coexist and breed together and form mixed colonies. Chiloe penguins are thus not a distinct species, but rather a term used to refer to the mixed colony of those flightless birds that […]

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Piedra del Fraile: mountain refuge and hidden gem

Piedra del Fraile
5 minutos

If you like trekking and nature, one of the excursions not to be missed during your visit to El Chaltén is Piedra del Fraile – the name given to a huge block of rock located near El Chaltén. This place was used as a base camp by the famous Italian missionary, photographer and mountaineer Alberto […]

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Time to Enjoy at the Highest Level: Luxury Vacation

luxury vacation
4 minutos

The notions that everything has a price and that almost anything is possible with money are also applicable to luxury vacations. Individuality, privacy, and high quality service are fundamental aspects of a luxury vacation.

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