What is the longest river in South America?

longest river in south america

South America boasts no shortage of great rivers. The Madeira River stretches some 3,250 kilometres and the Parana dwarfs it at 4,880 kilometres. Most impressive of all is the longest river in South America is the Amazon River. Most people correctly associate the Amazon River with the Amazon rainforest, but how much more do you really […]

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A History of Chile Traditional Clothing And Where To Find it

chile traditional clothing

While a trip to Santiago, the Chilean capital proves that the vast majority of city dwellers wear modern, Western-style clothing, this isn’t the case throughout the entire country. In fact, Chile traditional clothing ranges from the ponchos of the huasos (cowboys) to the ornate trarilonco of the indigenous Mapuche people. 

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Pucón, Chile: 5 Reason’s Why It’s South America’s Adventure Capital

pucon chile

Chile may have been crowned South America’s most adventurous tourism destination two years running, but there are plenty of visitors yet to discover what this country has to offer. For those looking for a high-adrenaline vacation, look no further than Pucón, Chile’s capital of adventure. Read on for five reasons why you should be checking out […]

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Where To Go Birdwatching in Chile And Species to Spot

birdwatching chile

With 493 species of birds, including 12 endemic to the country and 35 species that are globally threatened, Chile is an exciting place for birders. And with tour agencies running trips for those keen to go birdwatching in Chile, there are plenty of opportunities to catch a glimpse of even the country’s rarest species. Here’s […]

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3 experiential travel destinations you’ve got to try

experiential travel

Experiential travel is an increasingly popular pursuit with adventurous tourists. No longer satisfied with the same old thing, more of us are seeking out unique and memorable experiences when we travel. Passive holidays lying on a beach in Spain or shopping in New York are all well and good, but some of us want more. […]

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All about Welsh Patagonia

welsh patagonia

What do you know about Welsh Patagonia? Most people (rightly) associate Patagonia with two countries, Argentina and Chile. There’s another country that’s worth mentioning, though: Wales.

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A beginner’s guide to climbing clothes

climbing clothes

Climbing clothes are not exactly the height of fashion, but they are an absolute must for safe hiking. If you’re an experienced climber or hiker, you’ve probably got already got an entire wardrobe of purpose-designed climbing clothes. You know the score. For those that aren’t quite so experienced, or are planning their first hiking expedition, […]

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3 of the world’s best family adventure holidays

family adventure holidays

Looking into family adventure holidays this year? Holidays are a great way to bond with loved ones, but sometimes they’re just a little dull. For adventurous families, traditional holiday destinations and activities just won’t cut it. Sunbathing in Spain? Shopping in New York? Too ordinary. For adventure-minded families, it’s all about the extraordinary. Forget the tried and […]

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3 of the best Glacier National Park hiking trails

glacier national park hiking

Considering one of Argentina’s Glacier National Park hiking trails? The park, also known as Los Glaciares National Park, is a must-visit destination in Patagonia. Covering over 7,296 square kilometres, it’s Argentina’s largest national park. UNESCO declared it a world heritage site in 1981, and that should come as no surprise to anybody that’s ever visited. The Argentinian […]

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A quick guide to General Carrera Lake

general carrera lake

General Carrera Lake is one of the most picturesque bodies of water in Patagonia. The lake spans both Chile and Argentina, and General Carrera Lake is its Chilean name. On the Argentinian side, they know it better as Lake Buenos Aires. Both names are widely used and internationally accepted, however, so take your pick. Whatever […]

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