5 of the rarest Argentina animals

There are plenty of good reasons to visit Argentina. Whether you’re a Malbec-mad wine lover or a city slicker, there’s something to see. The landforms of Argentina are some of the world’s most breathtaking and aren’t to be missed. Perhaps the best reason of all to visit this part of South America, however, is its […]

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3 Patagonia tours to do before you die

Patagonia is one of the world’s most beautiful places. Straddling Chile and Argentina, its landforms are untouched and unspoiled. Its got stunning glaciers to mountains so the place is a nature photographer’s dream. That’s not even to mention the wildlife, of course. Penguins, whales and condors are just the tips of the iceberg if you’ll […]

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3 South American flags and what they mean

sHow many South American flags do you know? South America is a big place, of course. With twelve countries and three dependencies, South America is home to over 385 million people. That’s a lot of men, women and children with plenty of cultural identities. From Suriname to Brazil, South America is rich with history and heritage. […]

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Why you need to visit the Patagonia Lake District

Most readers of this blog know Patagonia quite well. Many have been lucky enough to visit and fall in love with its natural wonders. It’s a beautiful, remote and unique part of the world. Adventurous holidaymakers don’t need much of a reason to hit the seas and go there – any excuse will do, from whale […]

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What is the largest country in South America?

Here’s a geography fact for you: Brazil is the largest country in South America. It’s not only that continent’s biggest country, it may just be the most interesting. From its fascination with football to its awesome architecture, it’s a fascinating part of the world. Read on for 5 quick facts about Brazil, the largest country […]

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What makes Argentina beaches so special?

mar del plata argentina

Argentina is a world-class destination for adventurous holidaymakers, with a vast landscape to explore. It’s not all hiking in Patagonia and whale watching, though. Argentina’s beaches are some of the most pristine in the world, and there’s a lot to like for tourists that like nothing better than a bit of sun, sea and sand. If […]

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5 unmissable points on the Patagonia map

 Patagonia is magical because it’s one of the world’s last great untouched landscapes. Unspoiled by man, the Patagonia map naturally spans Chile and Argentina and possesses a wealth of natural beauty. Its striking mountain ranges, pristine national parks, awe-inspiring glaciers and unique wildlife are only the beginning. If you’re planning to visit Patagonia, you’ll want […]

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7 interesting facts about Chile

chile interesting facts

Chile is a dream holiday destination for many of us. This South American hotspot is seriously attractive to international tourists, and with good reason. From its cities and culture to its wildlife and landscape, there’s a lot to like about Chile. How much do you really know about the place, though? In Chile, interesting facts […]

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Cruise travel insurance: What you need to know

cruise travel insurance

Planning a cruise trip? Great! There’s a lot to consider, of course. Naturally, you’ll have questions. Where should you go? What time of year is best? Which cruise company should you choose? These are all normal questions. One consideration that sometimes gets forgotten about is cruise travel insurance. Seasoned travellers will know all about it, […]

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5 hiking gifts for adventurous loved ones

hiking gifts

Hikers are some of the most adventurous people on earth. There’s something about scaling mountains, climbing rocks and navigating dangerous terrain that attracts risk-takers. These are the sort of people that seek thrills, and consequently, they can be hard to buy gifts for. Do you really think a traditional gift will keep an adventurous hiker […]

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