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5 handy items for your essential Patagonia adventure kit

Tent? Check. Hiking boots? Check. Sunscreen? Check. After you’ve got your basics together, packing for a hiking holiday in Patagonia requires planning. First and foremost, the weather can be very changeable. Therefore, layers are key. However, if you’re undertaking tough hikes like the W trek, packing light is paramount. But despite the importance of traveling light, it’s crucial to stay safe and be prepared for several days in the wilderness. Finding the balance can be tough – but never fear. Here, we run down our top 5 handy gadgets, gizmos and thoroughly practical items for your essential Patagonia adventure kit.

1. Keep connected: USB battery pack

adventure kitAlthough you might be planning an adventure in the great outdoors to escape your cell phone, let’s face it – it’s pretty useful. Having a charged phone is essential in an emergency situation, especially if you’re hiking over difficult terrain. Furthermore, now apps like can provide navigation without cell service, a phone can also be useful if you lose your way. Plus, you’ll probably want to take some pictures. Therefore, investing in a high-capacity portable battery pack is advisable. For instance, this iMuto power bank can charge an iPhone X 10 times over.

2. Protect your tech: Dry bags

adventure kitIn such changeable weather, it’s important to keep your technology protected. Even though your backpack may seem robust, in reality, you want to make sure your cell phone, battery packs, or camera are bone dry. Therefore, dry bags are a must. Available in a variety of sizes, these water-tight sacks are perfect for lining backpacks or for storing small items. For example, this selection ultra-lightweight of dry bags from independent Scottish brand Lomo are perfect for keeping your electricals secure.

3. Zip-on, zip-off: Convertible hiking pants

adventure kitSorry fashion police – but zip-off pants are genius. With a zipper just above the knee, convertible pants like these by Craghoppers are a godsend in unpredictable weather. Afterall, what’s more freeing than being able to whip off the bottom of your pants when the sun comes out? In addition, convertible pants are a two-in-one garment, which will save space in your backpack.

4. Stay fresh: Microfibre travel towel

adventure kitTowels are probably the most annoying item to have to pack. Bulky, fluffy and pretty indispensable if you’re going on a long, potentially sweaty hike, squeezing one into your backpack can feel like a nuisance. However, thanks to high-tech fabrics, there’s an alternative. Synthetic microfiber travel towels are lightweight, compact and fast-drying, making them the ideal addition to your adventure kit.

5. The adventure kit classic: Swiss Army knife

adventure kitFinally, an adventure kit classic: the humble Swiss Army knife. An explorer’s staple for decades, the Swiss Army knife remains compact, handy and indispensable on any long trek. Knives range from simple paring blades to more elaborate sets which include various blades, corkscrews, bottle openers, scissors, and saws. However, if you’re traveling via plane on your South American journey, it’s important to remember to keep any sharps in your checked baggage.

All that’s left now is to start the adventure…

With all your essentials packed and a few handy items, all that’s left is to begin your journey into one of the most stunning landscapes on Earth. For more information about Australis’s Patagonian cruise routes, take a look at our brochure.




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