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Patagonia Holidays: Explore the Land of Glaciers

Patagonia Holidays
10 minutos

With the northern and southern Patagonian ice fields (the largest extrapolar mass of ice in the southern hemisphere) found in this region, glaciers are a feature of nature that Patagonia certainly does in style. 

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Top 5 Argentine Patagonia Highlights Not to Miss

Argentine Patagonia
8 minutos

An area that encompasses the southern regions of Chile and Argentina, Patagonia covers over 260,000-sq. miles (673,000-sq. km). It is for this reason that it’s difficult to see all of the five Patagonia highlights on this list in one holiday. Depending upon the length of your vacation, it may be wise to concentrate on one […]

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4 Essential Things to Know Before Booking Patagonia Vacation Packages

patagonia vacation packages
12 minutos

We’ve talked about why Patagonia should be at the top of your bucket list but despite being a part of the world that leaves visitors speechless (and reaching for their cameras!), looking for Patagonia vacation ideas and booking Patagonia vacation packages can seem quite daunting.

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9 Astonishing Things You Never Knew About Patagonia

patagonia facts
13 minutos

Patagonia is unique and incomparable with anywhere else in South America – or perhaps even on the planet. But whatever you might have seen or heard about this land of astounding history and breathtakingly beautiful natural landmarks, allow us to introduce you to some of the astonishing fun facts about Patagonia.

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Journey to the end of the world

patagonia trip
5 minutos

The film “Journey to the End of the World” is a documentary directed in the 1970s by Jacques-Yves Cousteau, Philippe Cousteau, and Marshall Flaum. The theme makes one dream: we follow the explorers for 4 months during a trip to Antarctica. Nowadays, it is much easier to get to the frozen continent, and tourism is […]

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An extensive travel blog on Patagonia

patagonia travel blog
6 minutos

Should you plan to discover the south of Argentina and Chile, you can, of course, consult documentary sites in this area. You’ll get lots of factual information about recommended tours or the most enjoyable times of the year to visit. But also consider visiting travel blogs for different kinds of opinions. On a travel blog, articles […]

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Interesting facts about Ferdinand Magellan and his history

interesting facts about ferdinand magellan
6 minutos

Here are some interesting facts about Ferdinand Magellan, who he was and his achievements that made him so famous. We all know at least by name the famous Portuguese explorer who lived between the 15th and 16th centuries, but do you know why he is so famous? A strait in the south of the American […]

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Looking for cruise experts?

cruise professionals
8 minutos

What do we choose as our next destination and how do we get there? Instead of traveling by plane to a single destination, you can explore many places by the water, aboard a cruise ship. This type of travel is gaining popularity and available in a variety of price ranges, routes, and ships. For example, […]

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Boarding an Australis cruise ship

australis cruise ship
7 minutos

When leaving for several days or weeks aboard a cruise ship, the comfort of the cabins and common areas should be ensured and it is worthwhile to find out what is included in the all-inclusive trip. Australis cruise ships have the following key information to help future travelers get the most out of their cruise […]

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Go on an all-inclusive cruise for your vacations

all inclusive cruise
8 minutos

Going on an all-inclusive cruise has many advantages: time and budget control, the possibility to enjoy the best places in a region without having to spend long hours in the transport… Here are a few tips to guarantee the best possible conditions for your stay.

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