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A Short History of Legendary Cape Horn, South America

cape horn south america
6 minutos

This wind-ravaged outcrop of basalt where the raging oceans of the Atlantic, Pacific and Southern meet may not look important. But Cape Horn, South America has played its fair role in maritime history.

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Get Inspired: Adventure Travel Itineraries for Holidays to Patagonia

holidays to patagonia
11 minutos

She may be vast and brimming with dramatic, inhospitable landscapes, but Patagonia is still easily visited even when you’ve only got two or three weeks to spare. To help you in planning your holidays to Patagonia, we’ve prepared two itineraries that will introduce you to the region by bus, plane and even cruise ship.

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Cape Horn: Map and History of this Legendary Headland

cape horn map
8 minutos

Cape Horn, the headland situated at 55°58′ south and 67°16′ west at the very end of South America, is perhaps best summed up by the old maritime adage: “Below 40 degrees latitude, there is no law. Below 50 degrees, there is no God.” For those who sailed through the seas to “round the horn”, this […]

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Infographic: Why Should You Discover Patagonia?

2 minutos

Why Shoud You Discover Patagonia? Wherever you visit, Patagonia maintains an elusive, secretive charm. Its barely-known history, barren yet picturesque mountains and grasslands and windswept coastlines teeming with precious wildlife never fail to astonish. Today we bring you an Infographic about the main reasons why patagonia shoud be in your bucket List.

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Think Travel in South America Is Too Dangerous? Discover Its Safest Region

10 minutos

South America may not have the greatest reputation when it comes to safety concerns, but there’s one region that bucks the trend: Patagonia. Speak to anyone about their experiences of traveling in this region and you’ll find that it’s true what everyone says: Patagonians really are the friendliest people on the planet.

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A Practical Guide to Hiking to Laguna de Los Tres in Argentina

laguna de los tres
9 minutos

Flanked by some of the most famous of Argentine landmarks – the three peaks of Mount Fitz Roy, Aguja Poincenot and Cerro Torre – Laguna de Los Tres is a picturesque lake that draws hikers and lovers of sublime natural landscapes from across the world.  

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Hiking the Torres del Paine W Trek? Here’s Everything You Need

Torres del Paine W trek
9 minutos

You’ve probably heard of the Torres del Paine W trek, whether from the gushing stories and improbably beautiful photographs of those who’ve hiked it or from your own research into Patagonian highlights. If so, you probably don’t need any more convincing that this is the trek you must do on a visit to Patagonia. And […]

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Which Types of Iguazu Falls Tours Should You Book?

iguazu falls tours
7 minutos

Given their superior width and height over other waterfall systems in the world, Eleanor Roosevelt is reputed to have commented “Poor Niagara” on her first visit to Iguazu Falls, proving that little can compare with their utter magnificence. As such, standing before the plunging, crashing chaos of the world’s largest waterfalls is an undisputed rite […]

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Ruta 40: Get Behind The Wheel For One of the Planet’s Longest Road Trips

ruta 40
9 minutos

A classic road trip that has grown in popularity as a unique, adventurous way of visiting Argentina, Ruta 40 or Route 40 is one of longest in the world – and one of the most sensational. By hiring a car and driving it yourself, or even taking the buses that now travel most of the […]

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How To Get From Punta Arenas to Torres Del Paine

Punta Arenas to Torres del Paine
10 minutos

A Patagonian gem, Torres del Paine National Park draws visitors from around the globe who are lured by its distance from civilization and its untouched, enchanting wilderness. But these are the exact reasons why many would-be hikers see it as somewhat complicated to reach. Edged on the western side by the remote Chilean fjords and the […]

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