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Vacations Onboard: A Cruise to the Fjords

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Niche and adventure cruises are growing. How about a cruise to the Norwegian fjords?

Hamburg, in Germany, is usually the port of departure for cruises to the Norwegian fjords. You can plan trips of between 6 and 15 days, depending on how much of Norway you want to see.

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Norway Has a Lot to Offer on Fluvial Routes!

You can book true adventure tours, half day excursions and, of course, cruises across the fjords to navigate the impressive, pristine nature of Norway for several days,

A cruise to the Norwegian fjords has a lot of special characteristics, as they also allow you to enjoy urban metropolises and their vibrant nightlife. In winter nights you will have the chance to observe the magical northern lights, and what better place to do it than on the deck? This is another great reason to go on a cruise to the fjord.

Pure Nature: The Best Views Aboard a Cruise to the Fjord

From the deck of a cruise to the fjords you will see mountains, forests, and glaciers up to where the eye can reach, arriving at some of UNESCO’s World Heritage Sites, a natural spectacle words cannot describe.

Depending on the cruise, during the trip you may also stay in some of Norway’s most beautiful hotels.

Almost all cruises to the Norwegian fjords depart during summer season. Others do so in September and October.

The Magic of the Fjords

It is often said that the fjords are the best Norway has to offer. All fjords have their own characters, and what better way to experience them first hand than on a cruise to the fjords? Some people even describe these trips as a “magical experience”

The main fjords are:

  • Sognefjord
  • Geirangerfjord
  • Hardanger Fjord
  • Nordfjord
  • Naeroyfjord

Reasons to Board a Cruise to the Fjords

The best reason to book a cruise to the fjords is that on them you will have the chance to experience true silence. Some travel journals say that the Norwegian fjords are a mystical place. In any case, pictures and videos from travel providers are truly impressive. Given that this is an incredibly special trip, it is worth including in your personal wish list.

Packing Your Suitcase: A Changing Climate

Just to be prepared, pack your suitcase considering different weather conditions, as weather in Norway is often changing. The best time to go on a cruise to the fjords is at the beginning of the summer season.

Super tip: do not forget to bring a pair of binoculars to properly observe the impressive nature and discover details that remain hidden for most people. This is why it is always recommended to book an outer cabin with a balcony.

As weather is extremely variable, it is a good advice to pay attention to the weather forecast before booking land excursions.

Have a good trip and have fun!

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