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Our top 5 bucket list-worthy adventure ideas

If you could go anywhere, see anything, or go on one truly great adventure, where would it be? Is there one place in the world that you absolutely have to see before you die? With so many options out there, it’s difficult to know where to begin. For some, it’s the Grand Canyon; for others, it might be climbing Mount Kilimanjaro. However, for some people, it might be something a little more unusual, like sleeping under the stars in Namibia, or going whale-watching. Whatever is on your bucket list, we’re here to give you a little more inspiration with our definitive top five do-before-you-die adventure ideas.

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1. Everest Base Camp

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First up is one for the serious adventurers – Everest Base Camp. Sure, it might not be going all the way to the summit, but base camp is still a huge endeavour. This stunning, stamina-testing 14-day round trip to Sagarmatha NP at the foot of the world’s tallest mountain is nothing short of breathtaking. However, it’s important to know that you need to gain special permission to actually stay overnight at Base Camp. These specific departures to Base Camp occur around peak summit-attempt season, which is between April and May. As part of these excursions, you’ll be trekking alongside climbers heading to the notorious Khumbu Icefall.

2. Trekking Machu Picchu

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Machu Picchu – the Inca’s secret city that the Spanish couldn’t conquer. As one of the most famous archeological sites in the world, Machu Picchu is undoubtedly one for your bucket list. Sure, you can take the train up to the lost city of the Incas, but hiking to the lost city is something else. What’s more, there are lots of options, so everyone’s trek to Machu Picchu is totally unique. By building your own route, you can factor in a visit to the lesser-visited ruins of Choquequirao. This quieter site gives you the opportunity to have a more private moment with these incredible ruins, so you can soak up all the mystery of the Inca’s ancient civilization. However, it’s important to know you need a permit to hike the Inca Trail, which is the most popular ruote. They sell out fast – so make sure you get in there quick.

3. Descend inside an Icelandic volcano

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Here’s perhaps the most unusual of the adventure ideas on our list, going where few have ever ventured before – inside the Earth. Since 2012, visitors have been able to descend into the caves of the Thrihnukagigur Volcano, Iceland. Clipped onto a cherry picker, adventurers can descend 120m down into the magma chamber of the volcano. It might sound like risky business, but climbers needn’t be too worried – the volcano hasn’t erupted in over 4,000 years. Now, the drained chamber is lit with beautiful colored lights, revealing a unique insight into the belly of the Earth. Tours run half the year between May and October, so make sure you plan your Icelandic adventure around those dates.

4. Cruising Glacier Alley

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History is full of legendary adventures, but perhaps one of the best known is Darwin’s voyage through Patagonia. Once hostile, unchartered territory, Darwin and the crew of the HMS Beagle journeyed through the Patagonian Icefield, mapping out the landscape for the explorers of the future. Now, travelers can retrace Darwin’s footsteps as part of breathtaking cruise trips. The most spectacular route is through Glacier Alley, a 150-mile stretch of the Beagle Channel which features five astonishing tidewater glaciers. Thankfully, these days you don’t have to endure the hardships faced by the crew of the HMS Beagle. Instead, you can enjoy fine wine and haute cuisine aboard one of Australis’s luxury ships.

5. Diving with hawksbill turtles in Barbados

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The last of our bucket list-worthy adventure ideas is a little more tranquil, but no less breathtaking. The Caribbean island of Barbados is truly paradise – and in the calm turquoise waters of Alleyne’s Bay is some of the most amazing snorkeling in the world. Not only can you see hundreds of brightly colored tropical fish, you can also swim with the area’s large population of hawksbill turtles. Now a critically endangered species, the hawksbill turtle is renowned for their beautiful patterned shells. Hawksbills nest between April and November, so they’re most active during the summer months.

More adventure ideas with Australis

If these suggestions have sparked your imagination, then Australis can help you tick off some of your bucket list adventure ideas. For more information about our incredible voyages around Patagonia and Cape Horn, take a look at our brochure.

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