Biking Colchagua Valley: Wine tasting cycling tours

biking colchagua valley

When most people think of South American wine, they think Argentinian malbec. Equally, when people think of Chilean wine, they cite chardonnay. However, if you’re a red wine lover that’s looking for something a bit different, then biking Colchagua Valley is a fabulous choice. Nestled between the Andes and the Chilean coastal mountains, the valley’s […]

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5 fun facts about Galapagos islands flamingos

galapagos islands flamingos

South America is home to numerous fascinating bird species, from tiny hummingbirds to mighty condors. However, there are some species you might not expect. For instance, did you know that there is such a thing as Galapagos Islands flamingos? Situated off the coast of Ecuador, the Galapagos Islands are famously where Charles Darwin developed his […]

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Amazon rainforest biodiversity: Conservation project gap years

amazon rainforest biodiversity conservation

The Amazon is the largest rainforest in the world. As well as the largest, it’s also home to an incredibly diverse range of animals and plants. As a result, the Amazon is integral to the ecosystem of the entire planet. Furthermore, the threat of global warming and deforestation mean that it is more important than […]

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Solo Patagonia: 10 top tips for adventure travel trips for singles

adventure travel trips for singles

If you want to be at one with nature, a hiking vacation in Patagonia is ideal. Featuring some of the most breathtaking landscape in the world, this vast region is an explorer’s paradise. Therefore, a solo excursion to Patagonia can make for a truly spiritual encounter with the forces of nature. However, reports of extreme […]

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Explore Patagonia’s fjords in luxury aboard the Ventus Australis

ventus australis

The fjords of Tierra del Fuego are some of the most beautiful and mysterious waterways in the world. Situated at the most southerly point of Chile and Argentina, Tierra del Fuego’s rich wildlife and spectacular landscape are unrivaled. What’s more, this precious natural environment is also home to fascinating culture and history. From the traditions […]

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Your adventurous honeymoon destination: Spots for active couples

adventurous honeymoon destination spots

When most people think honeymoon, they think cocktails, white sandy beaches, and lying by a pool. But what if you’re not most people? After all, if marriage is the beginning of a new adventure, then you need to start as you mean to go on. Here, we run down some of our favorite locations if […]

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Water activities Patagonia: 5 of the best kayaking experiences

water activities patagonia

The southern tip of South America a complex network of archipelagos, peninsulas, and islets. Fused by enormous glaciers and crystal clear lakes, the raw, untamed wilderness of Patagonia is a paradise for anyone who loves the great outdoors. Furthermore, when it comes to water activities Patagonia is second to none. From Bariloche to the Beagle […]

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Hiking with kids: Chile and Argentina’s 3 most spectacular day hikes

hiking with kids chile

Many would think that South America was only for super-fit pro-hikers. When people talk about trekking in Chile and Argentina, most cite extreme trails like the W trek or the Q circuit. This might make many think that hiking in Chile and Argentina with kids is out of the question. But adventuring parents, never fear […]

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Explore Patagonia aboard the Stella Australis

stella australis

Patagonia undoubtedly has some of the most breathtaking landscape in the world. Located on the southern tip of South America, the region’s mighty glaciers and rolling plains are truly a sight to behold. Furthermore, the straits and seas of Patagonia have played host to some of history’s most significant events. From the scientific discoveries of […]

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Cycle Patagonia: 3 breathtaking bicycle routes Patagonia has to offer

bicycle routes patagonia

Patagonia has captured the imaginations of intrepid explorers for hundreds of years. Raw, wild, and astonishingly beautiful, this rugged region stretches from the Argentine and Chilean Lake Districts to the Tierra del Fuego. Due to its stunning glacial landscape, Patagonia has lately become a hot spot for cycling enthusiasts. For example, most serious cyclists will […]

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