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Useful Tips to Pack Your Suitcase

We all get anxious before traveling, wondering on the way to the airport if we have forgotten something important. Here are some useful tips to pack your suitcase and avoid this unnecessary stress.

Whether you are traveling for a couple of days or several weeks, these tips are applicable and will allow you to stay calm and be sure of what you need to pack.

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One or Two Suitcases?

Traveling by car or train is not the same as traveling by plane, where you have to choose between two options: bringing all your belongings in the cabin, or dividing them in a small carry-on bag and a larger piece of luggage to be checked for the cargo area of the plane. Remember to verify the authorized dimensions for carry-on luggage with your airline in advance.

Travel Light

If you like simplicity this is the perfect solution. In fact, it is extremely practical, as you do not need to drop or claim your baggage, thus avoiding the risk of it being lost or delayed. If this is your preferred option remember to check what items are cabin approved. There are a number of forbidden objects.

What to Pack?

Here are some packing essentials:

  • Flight tickets, passport, identification documents, and driver’s license are crucial.
  • Remember to get an international permit if you intend to drive in a country that requires such type of authorization.
  • Cash is also always necessary.
  • Clothing suited to the local weather conditions. Remember to check the temperature and conditions of your destination.
  • Often overlooked, an emergency kit is always a useful item. Even if you are traveling to a place where you will have access to medication, these kits may save you a lot of trouble.
  • Check for the type of electrical outlets used in your country of destination and consider bringing an adaptor if necessary. Of course, do not forget the chargers for your various devices.
  • Plane tickets, addresses, and reservation confirmations are often sent digitally, but it is always recommended to bring printed copies with you in case your cell phone stops working or if you run out of battery.
  • Finally, think of labeling your luggage.

Simple Tips to Pack Your Suitcase and Not Forget Anything

A to-pack list made in advance may be a good solution. Write down what you need to bring as soon as you think of it, several weeks before your trip, so you do not forget something at the last minute.

Checking luggage for the cargo area of the plane may be inconvenient, and you need to anticipate possible complications. It is safer to keep at least one change of clothes, all valuables, and toiletries in your carry-on luggage, just to have them at hand in case your luggage is delayed.

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