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Reusable cruise luggage tags: A super simple holiday hack

You’ve spent hours pouring over brochures and websites; you’ve selected your ideal route; now you’re preparing for your dream cruise. Once the fun part is out of the way (excluding the holiday itself of course!), it’s time to start thinking about the logistics. What will the weather be like? What clothes to take? How many pairs of shoes do I need? Once you’ve made all these agonizing decisions and crammed everything into your suitcase or backpack, there’s one last thing to get organized – your cruise luggage tags. Here, we’ll run you through everything you need to know about these humble but important slips of paper, and why a reusable cruise luggage tag might be the best – albeit unassuming – holiday hack.

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What are cruise luggage tags?

When you book your cruise, your tour operator will get in touch with further information about your holiday. This will generally include your tickets, information about visa requirements, insurance, and instructions about your payment plan. Closer to when your cruise is due to begin, the agent will send you your cruise luggage tags. Basically, cruise luggage tags are paper slips that you affix to your suitcase or backpack before boarding your cruise.

Why do you need them?

Most of us have been there at some point – you land at the airport, get off the plane, go to baggage reclaim, and then get that sinking feeling as every bag rolls off the conveyor belt except for yours. Losing baggage is a nightmare – and cruise luggage tags help reduce this risk when you’re on a cruise holiday. Similar to the tags airlines attach, cruise luggage tags help the onboard staff identify your bags and make sure they reach your cabin safely. It is very important that you attach your luggage tag in a clear, visible place. This will reduce the chances of your bag being lost or mixed up with other passengers.

The advantages of reusable tags

Cruise luggage tags are extremely useful for cruise staff when it comes to keeping things organized. However, the major flaw in the system is that these strips of paper tend to be quite flimsy. If you’re caught in bad weather conditions when boarding or encounter some rough sea, cruise luggage tags can get wet. This will cause the ink to bleed, or worse, make the paper soggy and weak. Obviously, a wet luggage tag is difficult to read – which will seriously impede its purpose! Therefore, a reusable plastic or leather luggage tag is the solution. Easily looped onto your backpack straps or suitcase handles, reusable cruise luggage tags make sure that your cabin information is secure.

Cruise luggage tags: Our picks

There are a number of different luggage tags on the market. These include traditional, luxe designs like these tags from Aspinal of London, which are available in several different colors and finishes. However, for those after something a little more utilitarian, there are some subtle features to consider. For example, if you choose plain plastic luggage tags, make sure they include a zip lock top so the documents don’t fall out. Equally, make sure the attachment mechanism is secure. For instance, these luggage tags by Shacke feature a super-secure locking wire attachment.

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