A horse trek cannot be improvised. Organizing this type of unusual trip ahead of time, it is usually possible to get off the beaten track and discover magnificent landscapes often inaccessible by motorized vehicles. From one country to another, the level of comfort and involvement required of travelers during this type of trip can vary, hence the need to be well informed.

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What are the best destinations for horse trekking?

  • One of the classic destinations is Mongolia, where the trek across the steppes is interspersed with stages in yurts.
  • South America also offers great wilderness and sublime landscapes.
  • It is also possible to organize a horse trekking in the desert! To do so, head for Rajasthan (in Northern India) or Morocco for a horse trek in the middle of the Sahara.
  • In Europe, Spain offers beautiful landscapes for horse trekking, especially Catalonia.

What are the prerequisites to go horse trekking?

A horse trek is not just a simple health ride. It is not uncommon to spend a whole week on a horse if it is the main purpose of the trip. Bear in mind also that it is less easy to recover when you are nomadic, the comfort is not the same of a hotel! An adapted physical preparation is therefore recommended a few months before your departure. If it’s your first time, why not start with a 2 or 3-day trek to see what the potential difficulties are?

From a practical point of view, you will have to think of everything because horse treks are generally done in remote areas. Take enough cash so that you don’t have to withdraw for example!

As with any trip, check what vaccinations are required and note that if you are travelling through very remote areas, additional vaccinations may be necessary. A first-aid kit is essential.

Some tips to prepare your horse trekking

Check what is included in the trip and the equipment and accessories you should bring. Bear in mind that the equipment differs from one country to another, if you absolutely need specific equipment it is better to anticipate. 

Choose an outfit adapted to the weather! Remember to check what the weather is like during the period you are leaving. It’s a point to consider even before booking to choose the best season. Remember to take clothes that allow a good heat regulation and dry quickly.

When you’re on an organized trip, check out the organization you’re going horse trekking with. In some countries, the quality can be very uneven depending on the organizers. Remember to check the opinions of the travelers and ask questions about the equipment, the horses, the training of the guides, etc.

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