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The Trip from Rio to Iguazu Falls

Planning to visit Iguazu Falls? These, the world’s largest waterfalls, straddle both Brazil and Argentina. Consequently, there are a host of different ways you can get there. Brazil and Argentina alike welcome tourists, and have the infrastructure needed to welcome adventurous sightseers from around the world. Which side of the border you start from is your choice, but we can recommend one journey in particular: Travel from Rio to Iguazu Falls.

Travelling from Rio to Iguazu Falls

There are a million reasons to visit Rio de Janeiro. Among the world’s most beautiful cities, Rio is a must-visit spot for any serious globetrotter. Its pristine beaches and majestic peaks are natural wonders, and the city itself is known worldwide as a convivial and social hub. From its bars and restaurants to world-class nightlife, Rio has as much to offer as any city in the world.

There is one clear advantage that Rio has over Hong Kong, New York, London and other top cities, however, and that’s its proximity to Iguazu Falls. You can travel from Rio to Iguazu Falls in a couple of hours, making it perfect for a one- or two-day excursion while visiting the city.

How to get from Rio to Iguazu Falls

The trip from Rio to Iguazu Falls is incredibly popular, which means you’ve got options.

Flying from Rio to Iguazu Falls

The most comfortable and direct way to get there is to catch a flight from Rio de Janeiro. There are direct flights from Rio to Iguazu Falls, though you could also make a stopover elsewhere, such as in Sao Paolo. There are specialist tour operators that can help you at each step of the way, though you can also book your flights independently.

If you go through a tour operator, be sure to shop around. Not every provider will offer the same experience, so read up ahead of time to see which offer best corresponds to your interests. Some may organise trips for large groups while others may have a smaller, personalised service. Pricing will vary, too, and it pays to do your research.

Booking a flight from Rio to Iguazu Falls yourself is an option, certainly. With a little bit of help from Skyscanner or Google Flights, you’ll quickly get an idea of your range of choices at any given time. There are three airports close to Iguazu Falls, so again it pays to shop around.

Taking a bus from Rio to Iguazu Falls

Hitting the open road can be a serious highlight of any international travel. Fair warning: The bus route from Rio to Iguazu Falls is not the most picturesque. Where the plane will get you to Iguazu in a couple of hours, the bus can take a couple of days. That’s a lot of sitting in one potentially very tightly cramped place. On the plus side, it’s usually cheaper than flying.

If you’re in no hurry, or on a tight budget, the bus is an option. If you decide to take the bus, be sure to look into the various operators, and what they offer.

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