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A quick guide to General Carrera Lake

general carrera lake
4 minutos

General Carrera Lake is one of the most picturesque bodies of water in Patagonia. The lake spans both Chile and Argentina, and General Carrera Lake is its Chilean name. On the Argentinian side, they know it better as Lake Buenos Aires. Both names are widely used and internationally accepted, however, so take your pick. Whatever […]

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Inspired Settings For Your Chile Honeymoon

chile honeymoon
6 minutos

Chile is a country that forges an excellent balance between an adventurous and luxurious honeymoon. Its long, thin form, which extends from the Peruvian border in the north and curls around towards Argentina and the Southern Ocean in the south, provides an equally captivating mixture of climates and environments. Every possible type of Chile honeymoon […]

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