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Mountain vacation with panoramic view

Anyone who books a vacation would like to see something different from home. If they decide on a beach vacation, most of them opt for a room with a sea view.

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Vacation with a good view

room with a mountain panorama is equally attractive. Some exclusive wellness hotels also offer saunas and pools with a mountain panorama. This definitely increases the relaxation factor immediately – besides the clear and fresh mountain air and the numerous hiking and excursion possibilities in the mountains.

Stay overnight in or near the mountains

Besides great wellness hotels, there is also the possibility to rent chalets or mountain huts to get your money’s worth concerning the mountain panorama. The accommodation is simply a matter of taste. 

Often there are beautiful terraces where one can enjoy dinner with a fantastic view and fascinating cloud games during the sunset. 

Of course, the option of the mountain panorama is also available in the hotels of the valley – thus, one can look up to the majestic mountains and be repeatedly impressed. 

The mountain panorama is independent of the season

Regardless of the season, whether hiking in the summer or skiing in the deepest winter – the mountains are simply fascinating and, depending on the lighting mood, they always develop a very special character.

Most people find it very difficult to part with them again at the end of their vacation. If you come from a low-lying area, the difference when the mountains are suddenly gone is extreme.

Aiming high on the bike

The mountains also offer a lot of adventure potential for cyclists of all kinds, whether mountain bikes, racing bikes, or simply bicycles – and in addition, from the summit, which can be climbed or driven over, there is the gigantic view of the mountain panorama of the neighboring mountains.

It becomes difficult in case of long-lasting bad weather because the mountain panorama and whole mountain ranges can disappear quickly in the clouds. This is partly unpleasant for Skiers, as they can easily lose the orientation on the runway.

Well prepared for the mountains

Whoever wants to discover the mountains should always be well prepared and well equipped. After all, they are nature par excellence and always harbor the element of unpredictability, especially when the weather suddenly changes, for example. 

Fortunately, there are already webcams pre-installed in many places. This gives you an immediate impression of what it’s like up on the mountain before you even start.

Mountain panorama and relaxation

If you prefer to simply relax and enjoy the mountain panorama from a safe distance, the wellness area is the right place for you. It is simply fantastic to see the real mountains from the sauna bench – and not, as in many spas, simply an illuminated photo of a mountain panorama around a mountain lake.

The southern Allgau is very impressive, by the way. Here there are three altitudes and also different climate zones. Pure nature as far as the eye can see!

Bird’s eye view of the mountains

If you are looking for that very special travel or excursion adventure, you can book a helicopter or sightseeing flight through the mountains.

Seen from above, from a bird’s eye view, the mountain panorama looks even more impressive. So don’t forget your camera!

If you are creative, you will certainly find a great source of inspiration in the mountains. After all, the mountain panorama is a much better place to switch off at the end of your work.

Have a nice vacation and a good view!

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