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Welcome to the marble caves in Chile

There is often very little to be amazed about in daily life and very seldom unusual things happen. Everything follows a pattern and there is a lot of routine.

If you want to be amazed once again, you can visit a magical place you will certainly never forget: the marble caves in Chile.

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A special place, barely describable with words

The breathtaking marble caves, with their astonishing shapes made of rocks, stones, and shimmering deposits formed over thousands of years, form the highlight of the General Carrera glacial lake in Patagonia.

The marble caves in southern Chile can be found in various listings, describing the greatest wonders or most magical sights of the world. The Marble Caves in Chile are located in the middle of the glacial lake General Carrera Lake in Patagonia, on the border with Argentina. Its sources are natural.

Real marble as far as the eye can see?

The name Marble Caves in Chile can be somewhat misleading because the walls of the magical “Marble Chapels” are not made of marble. They merely possess the fine, wave-like structure normally known from marble. One needs to have seen this place to get an idea of it.

The striking drawings of the rock on the walls add to the magic of the marble caves and mystically transform this place. They were formed by the constant waves of the glacial lake, which constantly swayed up and down within the marble caves.

An artwork of nature, with a unique color display

It took about 6,000 years to create these natural cave paintings, which contain a color spectrum of green, turquoise, pink, grey, and blue.

The multitude of colors on the walls is not only so impressive but also the shapes of the marble caves are absolutely remarkable. These were also created naturally, without anyone ever acting on them. 

Then you will find symmetrical peaks on the ceiling of the marble cave – these are due to the acids in the rock that formed the caves together with the waves.

How can one visit the marble caves in Chile as a tourist?

The fascinating caves of “Marble Chapels” can be reached and visited by boat or kayak. The excursions start in Puerto Tranquilo. The guided tour through the marble caves leads to the mystical marble chapels or the impressive marble cathedral. Since 1994, the marble caves, unique in the world, have been a nature reserve.

When is the best time of day for a trip to the marble caves in Chile?

The best time to visit this impressive place in Chile is either late in the afternoon or early in the evening. Reason for this: The rays of the low sun penetrate directly into the caves at this exact time of day. This does not only brighten up the colors on the walls but also makes the water of the lake appear in a Caribbean-turquoise color. The water of the glacial lake is naturally ice cold and crystal clear. An astonishing view for the human eye, and of course for the camera.

A phenomenal place of power

So you can speak of a real wonder of nature, which awaits you as a tourist in the marble caves in Chile. It seems to be a real phenomenon of nature as if nature had unpacked and applied its brush. This special place, so full of magic, is unparalleled in the world.

With such beauty and impressive motifs, you have no idea what to photograph or film first.

Have a good trip and many inspiring moments!

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