Distance calls – if you want to go really far away to discover something completely new, experience a different culture and create lasting memories, then getting on a plane is the only thing that really helps.

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Flight time against dream vacation

From Europe, a flight to Chile takes time, but it is worth it in any case. Chile is simply a special journey, which promises so many different and really sensual travel impressions.

If you have a limited travel budget, but still want to travel the South American continent, Chile is the right choice for you.

Santiago de Chile is the airport in Chile that one heads for when planning holidays.

Good research is half the battle

If you are really lucky and willing to do some research, you can find a flight to Chile starting at 440 Euro (sometimes even cheaper). This is really good for such a long-haul flight! Anyone who relies on a cheap airline must expect to be on the road for at least a day with stopovers – often even two days.

Famous airlines that fly to Chile (often even directly, depending on the departure airport) are Air France, KLM, British Airways, LAN, Iberia and Aerolineas Argentinas.

Secret tips for a flight to Chile

Here’s another insider tip: If you are planning to be on the road in South America for a longer period of time, or if you want or need to carry more luggage for some reason, the best choice is LATAM Brazil. Because it offers two 32 kg free luggage allowance.

Another tip: If you are taller, want more leg distance and still don’t want to invest in Business Class, the best option is to book your flight to Chile via KLM. Since Dutch people are so tall, the distances between the rows of seats are automatically greater here.

Choose your itinerary carefully

One more thing to consider before booking a flight to Chile: If you fly via USA to Chile, you have to get your luggage from the conveyor belt at an American airport and put it back in again due to “immigration”. You should keep this in mind if there is not enough time to change.

If you would like to book a flight to Chile with Lufthansa, you have to reckon with an average price that is about 300 Euro higher than with other airlines.

The flight with Lufthansa takes 23 hours and costs about 1,350 Euro per person. In contrast, the ticket for an Air France flight to Santiago de Chile costs about 985 Euro. According to travel forums on the Internet, the service is also much better. But this can also be a matter of taste or depends on the crew on duty.

Considerations before the flight to Chile

Generally, if you want to look at your wallet when flying to Chile, you should not choose the high season to fly. Like everywhere else, everything is a little bit more expensive at this time, including the flights. 

Another advantage is usually to schedule the flight to Chile during the week, because the prices for flights on weekends are higher.

Meanwhile there are a lot of search engines only for flights, which allows you to see immediately all flight offers to Chile in the overview. These also include Premium Economy Class and Business Class for those who want to book this or perhaps have collected many miles in the past.

Another great tip is to book a flight to Chile as cheaply as possible and at the same time have a high degree of flexibility to compare different departure airports. There can actually be considerable price differences here.

On bargain sites such as Urlaubspirat or Urlaubsguru you can also discover very attractive offers for flights to Chile.

Also always a good idea: Check the social media accounts of the respective airlines. Here you can find one or the other great offers, and not every tourist searches this way.

If you are patient, it is best to book your flight to Chile 8 – 12 weeks in advance. This is one of the best price strategies – and so you can look forward to the South American experience  South American experience many weeks in advance.

A well-known tip to find the best flight to Chile is to use open jaw flights.

Have fun with the suggestions and a successful search for a successful flight to Chile – and a wonderful holiday!

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