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Discount Travel Tips for Traversing Patagonia

discount travel
8 minutos

Although one of the most expensive regions to explore in South America, discount travel in Patagonia is possible for those hoping to encounter this land of fire, ice and water.

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Unusual Patagonia Honeymoon Destinations

patagonia honeymoon
9 minutos

For couples with a passion for adventure and who are looking to explore the world together, a Patagonia honeymoon is hard to rival. Whether you’re fans of relaxation, adventure sports, hiking or appreciating pristine nature, there are destinations to suit all tastes. Get inspired for your honeymoon with our guide to the most unusual destinations […]

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The Torres del Paine Circuit: Patagonia’s Most Famous Hike

torres del paine circuit
7 minutos

Voted as the Eighth Wonder of the World in 2013 by international tourists, Torres del Paine National Park remains a symbol of Chilean Patagonia and a destination that has been capturing the imagination of hikers and travelers across the globe. Home to the Torres del Paine Circuit, as well as the ‘W’ trek, the park has arguably […]

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Patagonia Holidays: Explore the Land of Glaciers

Patagonia Holidays
8 minutos

With the northern and southern Patagonian ice fields (the largest extrapolar mass of ice in the southern hemisphere) found in this region, glaciers are a feature of nature that Patagonia certainly does in style. In fact, all of Chilean Patagonia and the westernmost parts of Argentine Patagonia were once completely covered by the enormous Patagonian […]

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4 Reasons You Should Visit the Stunning Chilean Fjords

Chilean fjords
8 minutos

For those seeking to adventure to the most fascinating reaches of the globe, the Chilean fjords should be top of your travel list. Rapidly becoming an an unmissable tourist destination, this stretch of navigable fjords, channels, and splendid coastline is a bewitching highlight of any trip to South America.

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