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Adventurous Chilean Cruises to Book in 2017 and 2018

chilean cruises
12 minutos

Tourists across the world are reaching an agreement about travel: cruise ship tours are in vogue. With the number of holidaymakers taking cruises having risen to over 20 million annually, would-be passengers are now spoiled for choice when it comes to destinations. For those seeking an active cruise ship holiday with a little less time by […]

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Punta Tombo and Other Patagonian Penguin Colonies

punta tombo
6 minutos

While the sparse, inhospitable terrain of Patagonia may not seem like the most obvious habitat for wildlife, the region surprises with its breadth of marine animals. Punta Tombo is the most famous of all penguin colonies in Patagonia, but lesser-visited breeding sites – many of which are located far from human settlement and are only accessible […]

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When’s the Best Time to Visit Chile?

best time to visit chile
9 minutos

The best time to visit Chile is generally determined by the weather, particularly as the southern parts are known for high levels of rainfall and cold temperatures. But given that Chile covers every climate type in the world except tropical, you’re guaranteed to identify the perfect season for timing your visit.

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From Penguins to Pumas: 5 Chile Animals to Spot on Your Next Trip

chile animals
8 minutos

Thanks to its varied ecosystems and generous portfolio of national parks and protected areas, Chile lays claim to an abundant selection of native animals. For wildlife fanatics, a wealth of marine animals and thriving bird and mammal populations await. Here are the five most magnificent Chile animals to look out for on your next trip.

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Hike through Volcanic Landscapes in Conguillio National Park

conguillio national park
7 minutos

A little-known area of exceptional natural beauty, Conguillio National Park is located in the Araucanía Region of Chile. Comprising lush forests of araucaria and nothofagus species, the park makes an immediate visual impression thanks to the grand peaks of the Llaima and Sierra Nevada volcanoes that preside over the entire region.

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Unmissable Chile Vacation Packages in Magallanes Region

chile vacation packages
8 minutos

Comprising the very southern stretch of Chilean Patagonia, the Magallanes Region is an area of outstanding natural beauty and contains some of the most fragile habitats in the world. Visit this dazzling landscape of evergreen rainforest, shimmering fjords and towering mountains on Chile vacation packages and discover some of the country’s most spectacular wildlife and […]

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The Ultimate Two Week Northern Chile Itinerary

chile itinerary
8 minutos

Passing from valleys of lush vineyards in Valle de Elqui, to the dramatic, volcano-dominated altiplano scenery of the Atacama Desert and the sand dunes of vibrant coastal town, Iquique, the Norte Grande and Norte Chico regions of Chile should not be missed. In only two weeks, it’s possible to take an unforgettable trip through the […]

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Ojos Del Salado: The World’s Highest Volcano

ojos del salado
8 minutos

Ojos del Salado, which is located on the Chilean/Argentine border, has one substantial claim to fame. The highest active volcano in the world, it towers over the altiplano at a breath-taking 22,615 ft. (6,893m). It’s also the second highest mountain in the southern hemisphere, falling just short of nearby Aconcagua’s stately 22, 838 ft. (6,961m) above sea […]

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What Makes Chile Holidays So Adventurous?

Chile holidays
8 minutos

Within moments of arriving in Chile, it becomes clear why it was awarded the prestigious title of “South America’s Leading Adventure Tourism Destination” in the 2016 World Travel Awards. The mountain fringe that overlooks Santiago – otherwise known as the Andes Mountains – is a quick hint at how Chile holidays are synonymous with adventure. 

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Chilean Vacation Packages to Santiago

chilean vacation packages
10 minutos

Cosmopolitan, dynamic, and deserving of more than a short layover, Santiago is growing in status as a must-see in South America. A metropolitan city that has sometimes been unfairly overlooked in favor of other South American capitals, Santiago’s vibrant fine dining scene, access to vineyards, and status as a winter sports destination make it a […]

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