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Words you need to know in Chilean Spanish

5 minutos

Planning a trip to Chile anytime soon? You might want to brush up on your Chilean Spanish if so. Travelling the world is one of life’s great pleasures. There’s nothing quite like discovering different cultures and experiencing other walks of life, first hand. Being able to communicate with the locals is undeniably an advantage, no […]

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How to Visit El Yeso Dam and Termas del Plomo

El Yeso Dam
6 minutos

El Yeso Dam, also known as Embalse El Yeso, is a reservoir located in the Santiago Metropolitan Region of Chile, around 60-miles (98km) from the Chilean capital. The reservoir was created in 1964 by damming the Yeso River, and it now serves as one of the major sources of water for Santiago

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Top Towns for Outdoor Activities in the Lake District, Chile

lake district chile
8 minutos

With its verdant green forests of araucaria and alerce, the Lake District, Chile makes a striking visual contrast with the drier parts of the north of the country. But the tenth region of Chile isn’t just defined by its beauty: it’s also a prime destination for hiking and outdoor activities. Full of national parks and […]

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Donation Of One Million Acres Promises to Protect Chile’s Wild Spaces

6 minutos

Hailed as the largest donation of privately-owned land in history, one million acres (404,000 hectares) were pledged to the Chilean government on March 15 by Kris Tompkins, former CEO of clothing brand Patagonia.

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The Chilean Bellflower: 10 Facts About This National Flower

chilean bellflower
7 minutos

With its bright pink flowers, the Chilean bellflower or copihue is an easily identifiable plant that is native to its namesake country. As the Chilean national flower, it’s also an important symbol of the country’s identity and culture. 1. The Chilean bellflower is the only species of the lapageria Otherwise known as lapageria rosea, the […]

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Chile 2 weeks Itinerary: Deserts and fjords

4 minutos

This is our proposal for a 2 weeks Itinerary around Chile.

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The History of Cape Horn

12 minutos

An old maritime saying claims that: “Below 40 degrees latitude, there is no law. Below 50 degrees, there is no God”. Cape Horn, which lies at 55°56’ south latitude and 67°19’ west longitude, certainly fits the sentiments of this adage. Given the wildness of the waters and the winds that plague the oceans surrounding this […]

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Visiting Cape Horn: Essential Things You Should Know

cape horn
6 minutos

One of the greatest challenges facing visitors to Cape Horn is the weather that they will likely encounter. Cruise ship companies sometimes incorporate two attempts at rounding Cape Horn and landing on the island into their itineraries to have a better chance of success in the face of possible inclement and difficult weather conditions. What […]

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What are the Southern Cone Countries?

Southern Cone Globe
6 minutos

Referring to the countries in South America that are around and south of the Tropic of Capricorn, the Southern Cone, in geographical terms, is comprised of Argentina, Chile and Uruguay. However, Southern Brazil and Paraguay are politically and socially considered to also be part of the Southern Cone, and so we refer to all five […]

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Inspired Settings For Your Chile Honeymoon

chile honeymoon
9 minutos

Chile is a country that forges an excellent balance between an adventurous and luxurious honeymoon. Its long, thin form, which extends from the Peruvian border in the north and curls around towards Argentina and the Southern Ocean in the south, provides an equally captivating mixture of climates and environments. Every possible type of Chile honeymoon […]

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