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When leaving for several days or weeks aboard a cruise ship, the comfort of the cabins and common areas should be ensured and it is worthwhile to find out what is included in the all-inclusive trip. Australis cruise ships have the following key information to help future travelers get the most out of their cruise ship experience, whatever the itinerary and the ship chosen.

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Australis Cruise Ships

Each Australis cruise ship is designed to offer the most enjoyable stay possible. The ships are very recent, perfectly maintained, and up to date.

Quality cruises in small groups

Passenger numbers are limited to 200 to allow for a human-sized cruise and freedom to sail anywhere without having to worry about the size of the ship. Australis has two cruise ships, the Stella (which has been sailing since 2010) and the Ventus Australis which is more recent (2017). These two ships operate in the extreme south of the American continent to offer travelers cruises in Patagonia.

Cabins of the Australis cruise ships

Two types of cabins are made available to passengers. A cruise ship has a capacity of 200 people in 100 cabins. All rooms are double, but you can choose between a double bed and two separate beds. You can also choose from a high-class cabin: the size of the room increases from 16.5 to 20.5m² and it is equipped with a double bed. They are all very well-lit, warm, and spacious. Everything you need for a pleasant cruise and restful nights before setting off on an excursion!

Common areas on the ships

Both cruise ships give passengers access to all common areas, both functional and welcoming. The dining rooms allow you to enjoy the view through large bay windows overlooking the landscape you are passing through. The tables are spaced out enough to allow everyone to maintain their privacy. In the dining room, there is a bar where you can have a drink whenever you like. Large sofas are also available in the shared areas for a very cozy atmosphere.

Australis Cruise Ships on-board services

Our cruises are all comfort and include many services. All you have to do is enjoy the trip once onboard without worrying about practical details! The trips include 3 daily meals, and the bar is also available at no extra charge. Excursions during stopovers are taken care of, already organized, and included in the cost of the stay. The activities offered onboard the cruise ships are open to all passengers.    

Additional costs to be foreseen

A few expenses that are not included in the cruise price are port, immigration, and national park taxes. Depending on the cruise chosen, count between $65 and $75 US for these additional taxes. 

Tips can be left at the reception desk upon departure for passengers who wish to do so.

Visas must be applied for prior to departure by each traveler. The conditions for obtaining them are different depending on the nationality of the visitors, so remember to check this well in advance to avoid any unpleasant surprise.

What are the proposed itineraries?

Australis cruise ships sail in Patagonia, several itineraries can be chosen depending on the length of the trip and the port from which you will depart. There are routes that allow you to return to the starting point or are a one-way trip to another city.

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