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Top Chile Beaches: Viña del Mar

With a 2,600-mile (4,200km) coastline, it’s unsurprising that pristine sands characterize this coastal country. Chile’s vast line of beaches extends from the tip of South America at Cape Horn in the far south, to the border of Peru in the north, making it a country completely at one with the sea. Given that the average width from east to west is only 110 miles, you’re never far from the ocean or one of the many inviting Chilean beaches.


Why are Chile beaches so popular?

The Central Region is where the best of the Chile beaches can be found. Not only are they distinguished by their white sands, but this region’s year-round Mediterranean climate makes these beaches even more appealing to visitors. With few marked extremities in temperature, summer months consist of hot, clear days and slightly cooler nights, while rainfall during the winter is still relatively low.

Chile beachesEven during the southern hemisphere’s winter months (May through October), visitors are treated to warm, sunny days along the Chilean coast, so it’s no wonder that the beach resorts attract tourists and locals throughout the entire year. And with its west facing coastline, Chile’s beaches are the ideal spot for watching a memorable sunset over the Pacific Ocean.

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Viña del Mar: the most popular of the Chile beaches

The Chilean capital, Santiago is famed for its world-class food and drink and is within reach of the Chilean coast’s most magical, and appropriately most popular, beach town: Viña del Mar.

Its name literally means “vineyard by the sea”, as it was once the location of a hacienda belonging to the Carrera family. Nowadays, you won’t find many vineyards, but it remains a favorite holiday destination for wealthy Santiaguinos and tourists alike. Its unspoiled sandy beaches and palm tree-lined avenues have helped to grow its reputation as offering the finest beach resorts in all of Chile.

Chile beaches

Spots to explore on Viña’s coastline

Located directly where the city meets the sea, Playa Acapulco, Playa El Sol and Playa Los Marineros are the most accessible. These beaches grant immediate access to both the Pacific Ocean and Vinã’s plentiful restaurants and bars lining the beachfront road of Avenida San Martin.

Offering coarse sands and gentle waves, these three beaches are perfect for a relaxing afternoon spent enjoying Chile’s hot and sunny summer months. During winter, the mild climate still leads to numerous days of sunshine, and although the waters continue to be a little on the chilly side, a walk across the sands is always a magical way of appreciating the exceptional natural beauty of the Chilean coast.


Nearby Reñaca and Concón

Further north, and only a short distance from Viña del Mar, is Playa Reñaca: a 0.8-mile (1.3km) stretch of beach that has quickly become the most visited in the region. Here, amenities include restaurants, cafés, and stalls selling traditional handicrafts. Playa Reñaca is an enticing spot for spending the day sunbathing on the beach and the evening sampling local cuisine such as fresh local ceviche or shellfish empanadas.  

Chile beachesThe next resort along, Concón is the location of two other beaches that rank high on visitor’s must-see lists: Playa Cochoa and Playa Amarilla. Playa Cochoa is protected by a small peninsula, making it a safer, calmer area for swimmers, while Playa Amarilla (literally “Yellow Beach) is also considered excellent for bathing. Concón has adopted the title of Gastronomic Capital of Chile, so visitors are guaranteed an unforgettable experience of fresh shellfish and fine dining.
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