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Leisure time travel: Thermal spas and pampering holidays in Chile

From the glaciers of Patagonia to the geysers of El Tatio, Chile is a land of ice and fire. Positioned on the Pacific Ring of Fire, Chile sits on the edge of a tectonic plate. As a result, the country experiences a lot of volcanic activity. Perfect for the intrepid explorer, there are several breathtaking sites thanks to Chile’s volcanoes. However, Chile’s volcanic activity also makes the nation perfect for leisure time travel.

As a result of the seismic activity under the Earth’s surface, Chile is also full of hot springs. These naturally heated pools are the ideal place to relax in nature after a challenging hike or an adventure cruise. So – sit back, unwind, and we’ll list some of our favorite pampering spots in Chile.

El Tatio: Explosive Geysers and Silent Pools

leisure time travelNo rundown of Chile’s hot springs is complete without El Tatio. With over 80 geysers – some of which spout water up to 4,300 feet – El Tatio is the third largest geyser field in the world. However, not far from the mighty geysers are some more tranquil hot springs. At about 35°C, these naturally heated pools are the perfect way to relax after the thrills and spills of the geyser field.

Los Baños de Ipla: The myth of the Inca princess

Los Baños de Ipla is in the north of Chile. Set amidst rocky deserts, the pools reach about 45°C. Therefore, these steamy springs make for a luxurious, all-natural dip. Furthermore, the mineral-rich waters are thought to have healing powers. According to legend, the magical water of Los Baños de Ipla restored sight to a blind Incan princess. Her father was so overjoyed he named the wider area Mamiñawhich is short for niña de mis ojos, or ‘girl of my eyes’.

Termas Laguna Verde: Out of this world

leisure time travelTermas Laguna Verde is located near the highest active volcano in the world. As a result, the area is the perfect place for leisure time travel meets intrepid exploring. Under the shadow of the Ojos del Salado volcano, bathers can have an authentic, no-frills hot spring experience. Furthermore, the springs also offer astounding views of the turquoise lake nestled in the other-worldly volcanic landscape.

Termas Geométricas: Where modernity meets nature

leisure time travelSituated near Pucón in the rainforest, Termas Geométricas is perfect for a pampering break. Designed by a talented architect, the hot springs are a perfect balance of geometry and natural forms. Alongside the beautiful design, the baths boast 2 cascading falls, 17 hot springs, plunge pools, and romantic evening opening hours.

Puyuhuapi Springs: Leisure time travel after a Patagonian adventure

After your adventure through the breathtaking Patagonian landscape, why not head north to the Patagonian Lake District for some downtime? For instance, the Puyuhuapi Springs near Dorita Bay is a great location for some post-adventure pampering. Spas on the banks of the fjord not only boast panoramic views, but a host of natural beauty treatments. Set in wooden huts that blend seamlessly with the landscape, Puyuhuapi is an ideal addition to your Paragonian escape. 


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