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What solutions to global warming?

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Determining the solutions to global warming is a huge problem. We can act on an individual level by making small, simple changes in our daily routines. Even if states and companies must also take measures at their level, we also need to realize our power and start acting more consciously.

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The causes to understand to find solutions to global warming

Limiting greenhouse gas emissions

What can we do daily to help our environment? This can be done through very simple actions: cycling or public transportation instead of using your personal car when possible, even carpooling with your neighbors helps, consume local products first, be careful to limit your waste…

Reduce our energy consumption

Limiting greenhouse gas emissions also requires an increased awareness of the energy spent at home. Good news! some organizations can help you get a boost to finance this work when it is proven that it aims to improve the energy performance of housing. 

Insulated housing is the key, this allows you to generate less heat and therefore reduce your energy consumption. Also, think of simple little gestures like turning off devices instead of leaving them on standby. Household appliances should also be chosen with care, focusing on the least energy-consuming devices.

Broadcast the news

When you are aware of all of this and understand that change can come from small efforts made by everyone, it is important for you to talk about it and share your knowledge. Rather than trying to convince your interlocutors, exchange your points of view and show them that these small changes are just habits to take, nothing impossible.

Acting downstream by capturing CO2 emissions

The development of negative emission technologies has been addressed in recent years. We would be able to capture the CO2 in the atmosphere and move it so that it does not worsen the greenhouse effect. In practice, these technologies are not perfected, and the risk-based on this promising hypothesis would be to continue to emit greenhouse gases recklessly without having the assurance that these systems are working.

What solutions to global warming?

Responsible growth

Individuals can act, but solutions will have to be found at the global level to face new environmental challenges. For the years to come, the emerging countries will have to develop more towards solutions. The increase in production and exports (and therefore increased resources to the means of transportation, which are responsible for a large part of the gas emissions greenhouse effect) will continue, but care must be taken to reconcile the growth and respect for the environment by finding alternatives to current means of production.

Changing the modes of energy production

Clean energy is a real solution: developing solar and wind energy is essential, but if we are looking for solutions to global warming that may not be enough… Some specialists assure that the solution goes through nuclear power, which is not very polluting in greenhouse gas emissions, which are almost nonexistent. We must not forget to take into consideration the whole problem of energy, but also we need to take into consideration that we don’t know what to do with radioactive waste which is the real consequence of nuclear energy…

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