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What do we choose as our next destination and how do we get there? Instead of traveling by plane to a single destination, you can explore many places by the water, aboard a cruise ship. This type of travel is gaining popularity and available in a variety of price ranges, routes, and ships. For example, you can book a Mediterranean cruise, explore the North Sea by ship or take a cruise through the Caribbean. If you prefer a cool climate and enjoy glaciers and national parks, a cruise through the Patagonian canals is certainly a good choice. The fascinating landscape, covering over one million square kilometers across southern South America, more precisely Chile and Argentina, is a unique destination. The nature of the landscape is ideal for a cruise. However, the choice is also difficult here. Who are the cruise experts in Patagonia?

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Trust Australis’ cruise experts

Now that you have decided on a cruise in Patagonia, you are faced with a wide range of providers and agencies that offer day trips, tours and cruises. Often it is difficult to decide with which provider you want to book. Here you will find out why Australis is the absolute cruise expert in Patagonia.

Australis is a cruise company that has been organizing cruises in Patagonia for the past 30 years. Countless satisfied guests confirm their professionalism as well as the “World’s Best Award”, awarded by “Travel Leisure”, received in 2016, 2017, and 2018. Great importance is attached to the highest level of comfort onboard, exclusivity, safety, and unique travel experiences on all routes.

Australis avoids mass tourism, which distinguishes them as a very special kind of cruise experts. Only a limited number of passengers are allowed onboard the expedition ships, shore excursions and trips are conducted in small groups and with trained experts and cruise professionals.

For Australis, environmental protection and respect for nature are very important. Therefore, all participants are constantly striving to minimize the impact of human activity on the environment and to maintain the balance between man and nature.

In addition, Australis’ cruises stand out for the fact that they travel to many places where no other provider can reach. For example, the expedition cruises head for Cape Horn, where you can get off and experience the thrill of standing at the southern end of the world!

Routes of the expedition cruises

Once you have chosen an Australis cruise, you will be faced with a choice of four different routes, two are five-day and two are nine-day routes. Aboard the expedition ships Stella Australis or Ventus Australis, both equipped with clean outside cabins, spacious lounges, and gourmet restaurants, you will explore the breathtaking scenery and waters of Patagonia.

If you want to spend five days at sea, you can choose between the “Fjords of Tierra del Fuego” and “Experience Patagonia” routes. If you are visiting the Fjords of Tierra del Fuego, the cruise sets off from Punta Arenas and travels via Ainsworth Bay and the Tucker Islands to Cape Horn and ends in the southernmost city in the world, Ushuaia, Argentina.

On the route “Experience Patagonia” you start from Ushuaia, experience different glaciers along the way, like the Garibaldi Glacier, then reach Cape Horn and end the trip with a shore excursion on Isla Magdalena in the Strait of Magellan, where an impressive colony of Humboldt Penguins lives. If you can spare more time, spend nine days and eight nights aboard the expedition ships and embark on a tour.

On the so-called “Darwin’s Route” you will walk from Punta Arenas or Ushuaia in the footsteps of the discoverer of Patagonia, who crossed the canals aboard the HMS Beagle. Among other things, the route includes trips through the remote Tierra del Fuego archipelago, shore excursions at Cape Horn, a visit to the Alley Glacier and visits to the penguin colonies on the Tucker Islands and the Magdalena Island. Depending on the selected disembarkation port (Ushuaia or Punta Arenas), the route includes a half-day stay in the other city.

Whichever route you choose, a cruise aboard Australis ships will be unforgettable and breathtaking. There is no better way to appreciate the flora and fauna and imagine what the landscape must have looked like to the explorers, as the majority has remained untouched. Feel the icy and strong winds of Patagonia, walk through the dense forests and marvel at the mighty glaciers of this wonderful place on earth. You won’t regret trusting the Australis experts!

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