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Hanging valleys and pyramidal peaks: Features of glacial erosion

features of glacial erosion
7 minutos

Patagonia is home to some of the most dramatic landscape in the world. From towering mountains to vast deserts, the region features some amazing landforms. Perhaps the most breathtaking of these sights are glaciers. Formed over thousands of years, seeing the cirques, peaks and valleys formed by glacial activity is certainly an incredible encounter with […]

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Pro packing: Our comprehensive mountain camping checklist

mountain camping checklist
9 minutos

Mountain camping in Patagonia requires some extra planning compared to a regular weekend in the country. There are several things that you’ll need to take into account when preparing a mountain camping checklist – perhaps most importantly, it’s finding the right balance between safety and weight. Furthermore, what you take will depend on the length […]

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Why are glaciers white? The ultimate glacier fact guide

5 minutos

Have you ever asked yourself “why are glaciers white?” Obvious as it may seem, it’s not a stupid question. It’s a good question, in fact, and a lot of people couldn’t answer it. Most people don’t spend all that much time thinking about glaciers, and we think that’s a shame. Glaciers are some of the most […]

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5 of the rarest Argentina animals

5 minutos

There are plenty of good reasons to visit Argentina. Whether you’re a Malbec-mad wine lover or a city slicker, there’s something to see. The landforms of Argentina are some of the world’s most breathtaking and aren’t to be missed. Perhaps the best reason of all to visit this part of South America, however, is its […]

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The island spice recipe you need to know

island spice
5 minutos

For many of us, the idea of an island vacation is a once-in-a-lifetime affair. It’s the stuff dreams are made of, which explains why so many honeymooners head for the islands. Visiting the Caribbean is not something you can do every day, but we’ve got something almost as good. It’s sure to add a little […]

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The largest South American rodent you’ve never heard of

south american rodent
5 minutos

When it comes to planning a South American vacation, there’s a lot to consider. Factors like climate, time of year and the availability of activities all play a part. So, too, does the likelihood of seeing certain animals. The rivers and rainforests of South America offer adventurers the chance to come face to face with […]

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Where To Go Birdwatching in Chile And Species to Spot

birdwatching chile
11 minutos

With 493 species of birds, including 12 endemic to the country and 35 species that are globally threatened, Chile is an exciting place for birders. And with tour agencies running trips for those keen to go birdwatching in Chile, there are plenty of opportunities to catch a glimpse of even the country’s rarest species. Here’s […]

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What Do Guanacos Eat and 5 Other Facts About This Wild Camelid

what do guanacos eat
8 minutos

A wild camelid native to South America, the guanaco is a common sight on trips to the altiplano of Bolivia, Chile and Peru as well as the grasslands of Patagonia. But what do guanacos eat and how do they live in conditions so extreme that few other species can survive?

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Where Should I Go Whale Watching in Patagonia?

whale watching patagonia
5 minutos

When it comes to whale watching, Patagonia has it all. Wannabe whale watchers have numerous options from which to choose. Popular areas include Corcovado Gulf and Francisco Coloane Marine Park, both of which are in Chilean waters. Ask anybody in the know, however, and they’ll invariably recommend one place above all others – the Valdes Peninsula.

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Where to Go Birding in Patagonia and Species to Look Out For

birding Patagonia
10 minutos

Nestled into the windswept steppe, evergreen forests of lenga, ñirre and coihue and coasts of Patagonia are over 360 different species of birds, 40 of which are endemic to the area. It’s therefore inevitable that birding in Patagonia has become a real attraction for holidaymakers from around the world, with visitors hoping to catch a […]

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