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Torrentes to Semillon: Argentina white wine in focus

Argentina is one of the most prolific wine producers in the New World. The South American nation’s mountain deserts and rich soil have given rise to an excellent wine industry, producing several delicious grape varieties. Perhaps the most famous Argentinian wine is Malbec, which thrives in the east Andean climate. Originally from Bordeaux, Argentinian vineyards have perfected this intense red wine with notes of dark fruit and flowers. However, there is a lot more to Argentinian wine than Malbec – in Argentina white wine is also award-winning. Below, we run through what Argentinian whites have to offer.

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Argentina white wine – 3 delicious varieties

argentina white wine

1. Torrontés

You can only find Torrontés in Argentina. Winemakers created this variety by combining two grapes brought to the country in the colonial era: the uva negra and Muscat. Torrontés is a light golden color with fruity flavors and a herbaceous, refreshing acidity. Today, there is three principle type of Torrontés, each grown in three different regions. Torrontés from Mendoza and San Juan is light and fresh, whereas Torrontés Riojano is very fruity get dry. In Argentina white wine like Torrontés is paired with fish and salads. However, these wines also go well with strong spicy dishes like Indian or Thai cuisine.

2. Semillon

Although Torrontés is Argentina’s signature white wine, they also produce excellent Semillon. Having previously fallen out of fashion in favor of Chardonnay, Argentinian Semillon is enjoying a Renaissance. For instance, wineries in Patagonia are now producing some award-winning Semillon. However, the character of these wines changes depending on the production technique. This versatile variety can be dry or sweet, which makes it a good match with several dishes. For instance, dry, grassy Semillons are delicious with fish, whereas the sweet versions are a great compliment to cheese.

3. Sauvignon Blanc

Once unusual in Argentina, Sauvignon Blanc is now becoming somewhat of a phenomenon. Mostly confined to Mendoza, the profile of most Argentinian Sauvignon Blanc is quite similar to New Zealand varieties, with crisp acidity and fruity notes. However, elsewhere in Argentina, white wine producers are creating more unusual flavors. For instance, vineyards in the Calchaquí Valleys are producing wines with a spicier, vegetal profile. These complex wines go best with shellfish or vegetarian dishes, as the subtle notes of greenery bring out delicate flavors. Furthermore, they also make an excellent compliment to creamy goat cheese.

Exploring Argentinian white wines

argentina white wine

When people think of Argentinian wine, they usually think of reds – but there are in fact several delicious white wines to explore. Once relatively confined to South America, the rest of the world is beginning to appreciate the finer points of Torrontés. With its complex fruity notes, Torrontés is a fantastically versatile pairing. What’s more, as a fairly niche New World wine, you can find lots of delicious Torrontés for bargain prices. However, as this article shows, there’s a lot more to Argentina’s white wines than just Torrontés. With so many wineries creating interesting new blends, Argentinian whites are certainly on the rise.

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