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The 5 Top Cities in Argentina to Visit in 2016

Argentina is best known for its elegant capital city Buenos Aires, but outside of this sprawling metropolitan district lie a number of other charming places – offering everything from wine tours to skiing and hiking. We’ve compiled a list of the top cities in Argentina that are just waiting to be visited this year.

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Top Cities in Argentina

1. Buenos Aires

The list of top cities in Argentina would be incomplete without Buenos Aires at the fore. Known as the “Paris of South America”, its huge variety of trendy and beautiful neighborhoods and Spanish and Italian influences are what makes this city the captivating heart of Argentina.

Discover tango in the historic barrio of San Telmo, walk amongst the famous dead at Cementerio de la Recoleta – considered one of the top ten most beautiful cemeteries in the world – and stand in the square that was witness to much of the city’s historic past and remains central to modern-day Buenos Aires, Plaza de Mayo.

2. Mendoza

Due west of the capital, Mendoza is another of the top cities in Argentina thanks to its well-developed route for wine tourism. Producing an estimated 60% of all wine in the country, it’s a region characterized by sweeping vineyards and backdrops of snow-capped Andean Mountains – and capable of charming visitors even further with the delicious varieties of Malbec grown here.

Top cities in argentinaIntroduce your palate to the subtleties of this award-winning Argentine wine with a tour to any one of the many vineyards situated in the Mendoza area.

3. Bariloche

A hub of chocolate, craft beer and towering mountaintops, Bariloche is one of the top holiday destinations in all of Argentina. Set in a stunning watery landscape – with vistas of Lago Nahuel Huapi and the surrounding national park – it’s one of the top cities for adventure tourism.

Hiking trails and campgrounds make the nearby forests and mountains accessible, while during the winter, the area proves its adaptability to all seasons with the over 30 pistes at Cerro Catedral, the area’s prime, and unmissable ski resort.

4. El Calafate

Another spot on the Argentina tourism circuit, El Calafate is not a city as such, but makes up for what it lacks in size with the sheer scale of the nearby Perito Moreno Glacier – one of Argentina’s most spectacular natural wonders. In the afternoon, tourists are treated to the “calving” of the glacier, where enormous chunks of ice crash from the foot of the glacier and into the azure depth of Lago Argentino.

If you time your visit well, you’ll experience the most lauded of all sights. Every four to five years the glacier builds up enough ice to cut off the Brazo Rico and Brazo Sur from the main lake; the final result is the spectacular and deafening rupture, and ultimate collapse, of this section of ice.

5. Puerto Madryn

A seaside city, Puerto Madryn is located on the Atlantic coast inside the Chubut Province of Argentina. Its combination of attractions make it worthy of a place on the list of top cities in Argentina: from the one and a half million-strong Magellanic penguin rookery at Punta Tumbo, to the Valdes Peninsula which is home to an enormous wealth of marine wildlife, and the nearby traditional Welsh-settler towns of Trelew and Gaiman.

Top cities in argentinaFor the prime window of time for wildlife watching, visit between September and February when the marine animals come here to breed. If touring out of season, the Welsh tea houses and museums charting the history of the Welsh families who arrived here in 1865 are open year-round.

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