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Privacy Policy

When you visit our page, Australis S. A. collects statistical information such as number of visits, pages visited, connection time, Internet service provider, type of browser used, etc. Based on these data, Australis S. A., owner of the site, provides services that suit your needs and requirements.

When you send us an email, we keep the contents of same, the email address as well as the company’s response; so that we are able to keep track of our communication with you, and also be able to remind you of matters we have dealt with together at a given moment. Cruceros Australis S. A. is aware of its responsibility for taking care of the privacy of its data.

When buying at, you will be asked the following information: the subscriber’s name and last name, nationality, domicile, contact telephone, e-mail, date of birth, identity card or passport number. Your voyage information will be also kept. You will also be asked, on a voluntarily basis, to provide information about your personal or professional interest, as well as details and opinions regarding the services provided by our company. Said data are used by to guarantee that your purchase is appropriately carried out. Furthermore, this makes it possible to inform you about possible changes in your voyage plan made at short notice or about any other relevant information dealing with same.

Your credit card information is not stored in our servers and is exclusively used when your purchase is made.

Australis S. A. does not share nor provide its clients personal information. Such information is only shared with our clients, so that you receive the products and services requested as well as the specific information.